My Journey

A Bit About Me

I am 38 years old, have a beautiful 7-year old daughter, four older brothers, a loving mother and lost my incredible father, whom I adored and was very fortunate to have for 37 years of my life.  I also have an amazing circle of friends.

I have lived in Georgetown for over eleven years and there is no place I would rather be (other than living oceanside). I take frequent trips so I can be near the ocean which gives me peace, happiness and relaxation.

I run a private Fitness Studio in town called Dynamic Bodies, and this will be my 11th year in business. Through this journey, I have met the most incredible people, and have made some great friends.

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I am also a certified Personal Trainer and have been for eleven years. My love for fitness began when I was 18 years old and I haven't stopped since. 

My journey with nutrition has also been a long one. Aside from being somewhat conscious of what I consumed in my late teens purely due to vanity reason, I began having severe abdominal cramping and urgent bathroom visits in my early 20’s. I would eat dinner, experience some cramping and then had to bolt for the bathroom. This went on for a couple of years, and a few visits to the emergency, with severe abdominal pain and no answers. I soon found out that my body didn’t like wheat and dairy. Although now, these are well known allergens or intolerances, back then, not so much, or at least not to my 20-year old self. I went to a naturopath who did some testing, figured out my intolerances and removed them, and voila! I was pain free and diarrhea free for several years. I remember saying to people, it was like magic, I removed dairy and wheat and instantly my issues went away! In 2011, I had my little girl, and I am not exactly sure why my colon decided to act out shortly after giving birth but it did. I had two separate bouts (6-weeks each) of severe abdominal issues and loose stools, until the big bad and the ugly hit me In March 2013. I ended up going to the bathroom over 20 times per day. This went on for a couple of weeks until I ended up with a fever and the worst pain of my life (even worse than my natural child birth, no lie). I finally went to emergency (I am totally stubborn) and a colonoscopy was taken a few days later to reveal I had severe Ulcerative Colitis. I was told I would have to spend a few days in the hospital, and on an IV pumping Prednisone into me to relieve the bleeding and inflammation. I was beside myself for one, leaving my less than two-year-old daughter for a few days was devastating to me, and the thought of having to take such a strong drug with basically zero choice in the matter was crippling and humbling at the same time. I had no choice but to do both. In this time, I had lost 28 pounds of weight I didn’t need to lose (as you can see in  the picture below). It wasn’t pretty. Those thicker thighs I disliked for so many years, were now as thin as I could ever imagine and my butt had disappeared completely. At this point I realized how dumb I was wishing for thinner thighs and a smaller butt because now I just wished for them back. Once I got home from the hospital it was a slow upward climb, as the first three months I was having severe side effects from the drugs I was on. However, in this time I took on a diet which I prefer to call a ‘Lifestyle’ called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. This 'diet' saved me. My bowel movements lessened and I started to gain weight. I was able to get off the drugs after four months of being on them (they told me I would be on them lifelong) and I began to workout again and feel great. I stuck to this eating regime for three solid years and honestly never felt better. Another cool thing about this was that the rosacea I had on my cheeks for as long as I could remember, disappeared! Three years later and feeling good I started to get brave and cheat here and there with some bread (naan bread, yum) and chocolate chips (my weakness) and because I have a true sugar addiction, I then began eating chocolate chips daily….yup, daily. It was like a drug for me and once I served my craving, I just kept wanting more. Anyway, I had done an amazing job healing my gut because it took me a year and a half of cheats and an emotionally stressful situation to set me into another flare up this past November 2017. This time around it was different, and luckily, I knew what to do to help myself quicker than the first time. I went right back to eating the way my body responds best and within 7 weeks the blood stopped. However, in the mean time I did a colonoscopy to reveal a fully inflamed colon, not nearly as nasty looking as the time in 2013 but certainly not good. So back at it again, eating the way I know my body needs me to.

Through this experience, I learned so much about nutrition. I had already been studying nutrition before this, but let me tell you, having my own personal experience with a severe health issue helped me to learn so much more. Because I was so desperate for help when I was unwell, I feel that helping others through nutrition who have bowel issues, weight issues, or want to prevent disease, is what I am meant to do. 

Below is a picture of me when I was unwell and diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2013. I was skin and bones, 30 lbs underweight. A place I never want to be again.

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