Ready, Set, GO, Fitness

Workout Program

Ready, Set, GO, Fitness, is a strength training fitness program that I put together to help guide you through a safe and effective workout, building strength.

This plan is a workout program that you can do at home, or the gym, with very little equipment. This goal of this plan is to help increase muscle mass, burn calories, speed up your metabolism, and help you to reach your fitness goals.

In the plan you will get definitions of the regular exercise jargon I use so you can understand what 'sets' 'reps' and 'progression' mean, a four-day workout plan with muscle groups split up, pictures to show you how to perform each exercise and ways you can change up the program as your muscle mass increases.

This program is sold separately for $30 plus HST, but it is free if you are getting the three or six month weight loss coaching. If you would like to order the Fitness Program please click here: Ready, Set, GO, Fitness'. COMING SOON!!!

Why Fitness is Important

Including a fitness routine into your everyday life is very important for so many different reasons. Exercise helps control your weight, reduce chronic disease, improves your mood and helps fight depression. Exercise will increase your energy and help you sleep better at night. It improves your sex life and helps you to feel more confident. 

Why Strength Training is Important

For years, we had the belief that cardio was the key to losing weight, but this idea has changed dramatically over the years as people begin to realize that building muscle is where is just as important. The more you increase your muscle mass, the more calories you will burn, so in turn your metabolism speeds up and fat loss happens. Building muscle will re-shape your body, and as you lean out, muscle replaces fat and you get the toned and defined appearance. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, the health aspect has huge benefits as well. Strength training helps lower cholesterol, high blood pressure, and reduces your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, PMS symptoms, menopausal symptoms, and reduces stress, among many other great health benefits. 


I have been running my fitness studio, Dynamic Bodies, for eleven years and have met hundreds of people along the way. I have figured out that many people are not sure where to start when they want to get into using weights, however, most people are aware of the benefits. If you are interested in a workout program planned for you, please visit here: 'Ready, Set, GO Fitness'.

  If you are interested in working out in a safe, non-intimidating and intimate environment, our studio may be for you. We offer personal training or small group fitness classes which are run by our very experienced and knowledgeable trainers. Please click here for more info: Dynamic Bodies Fitness Studio.

Why Cardio is Also Important

Cardio plays an important role in your overall health and journey to weight loss as well. Cardio promotes weight loss by increasing your metabolism which leads to increased calorie burn, it helps improve heart health, changes hormonal profile, which in turn leads to better mood, less stress and decreased feelings of depression and fatigue. Cardio also helps to combat diabetes, as it helps your muscles ability to utilize glucose.


When performing cardiovascular activities, try to mix it up and do interval training and HIIT type exercises which is built upon alternating short, high-intensity bursts of speed with slower, recovery phases throughout a single workout. This type of workout is difficult on the lungs and heart so please start slowly and get the go-ahead from your doctor. Other forms of cardio are swimming, cycling, skipping, running, walking, taking the stairs and playing sports. 

Before beginning any exercise program you should consult your physician or healthcare provider.